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Hi-tech Acetylene plants

Our fully automatic Acetylene plants are available in capacities from 25m3/hr to 200m3/Hr. In a Stationary Carbide to Water type Automatic Acetylene Generator acetylene is produced by reaction of calcium carbide with water. Adequate quantity of water is held in the generator shell to which calcium carbide is fed from top. The following reaction takes place:-

CaC2+2H2O = C2H2 + Ca(OH)2 + 27,000 Calories (heat generated)

The design of the entire plant has been made with safety in mind. Flash Back Arrestors, High Pressure Reverse Flow check valves, safety valves and complete gauging help protect both equipment and personnel. Various auto controls, safety valves, auto vent valves, non-return valves and Flash Back Arrestors are also provided to make this plant absolutely safe to operate in all conditions.

Acetylene Generator And Compressor Acetylene And Ammonia Scrubber

Salient Features:

  • No bulky gasholder required.
  • Automatic Controls for feeding water.
  • Maintaining temperatures, pressures, and slurry drain are full proof, efficient and are of international standard.
  • Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders.
  • No gas loss and high yield.
  • Very simple and safe to operate.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Low maintenance cost.


Acetylene Generator:

It mainly consists of a twin Hooper that is

  • Agitator and its drive unit.
  • Carbide Hooper screw feeder and its drive.
  • Flash back arrestor.
  • Safety relief valves drain system.
  • Automatic controls system.

Acetylene Generator can be set to operate at any given temperature, regardless of the size of carbide used or temperature of the cooling water.

Chemical Purifier:

This consists of two layers of regenerative chemicals, which remove additional impurities. The purifying agent may be reactivated for re-use by the atmosphere air. For continuous operation one extra charge of chemicals can be kept in open wooden trolley. This inside of vessel is coated with chlorinated Rubber Paint as anti corrosive measure. Each section is charged with purified Rubber Paint as anti corrosive measure. each section is charged with purified mass to absorb gases like H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) and PH3 (Phosphene), etc to obtain high purity 99.6%. There will be 2 purifier that will be connected in series. The inside of the vessel is coated with chlorinated rubber paint as anti corrosive measure.

Cooler Condenser :

Removes lime particles and condenses while cooling the acetylene.

LP Drier (Calcium Chloride drier) :

Maintain the proper acetylene moisture content for purification and filled with Calcium Chloride.

Ammonia Water/Washer Scrubber :

The vertical vessel fitted with level gauge and water make up line to remove ammonia from acetylene to maintain high purity. The equipment is installed between the chemical purifier and the high-pressure compressor which helps to remove additional impurities from the gas if any

Acetylene Compressor :

Normal reciprocating Piston Type Oil lubricated water submerged with safety valve, flame arrestor, pressure gauge. All three stages of the compressor have a pressure gauge to monitor the interstage pressure.

The acetylene compressor is a three-stage machine which is immersed in water filled tank to avoid any pressurized gas to come in contact with air and also to make sure that all the components are continuously cooled. The compressor is drawn by flame proof motor from outside the tank.

No Loss Carbide Charge :

No gas is lost or wasted while charging the carbide because that section is completely sealed off from the generator by a high pressure hydraulically operated valve. All the above controls are automatic and require no attention from the operator. There is a further safety device, in terms of an alarm bell, which will ring continuously till the fault is corrected

Purifier Tank Acetylene Plant And Digital Control Panel And Electric Panel

High Pressure Drier:

3 mounted on the compressor for easy access. A flame arrestor for safety and a back pressure valve which maintain a minimum of 14 bars to remove the oil and water vapors from the acetylene after compressor. This consists of a battery of three high-pressure vessels. The first is filled with metal filler, while the second and third are filled with anhydrous calcium chloride. It is very important that the high pressure drier is fully filled up with Calcium Chloride, as any voids in high- pressure area are against the required safety.

Filling Manifold:

140 cylinder manifold and each manifold is protected with flame arrestors on each side of the shutoff valve. Each cylinder connection includes an "o" ring style handwheel connection to the cylinder.

The acetylene gas manifold consists of two headers fitted with non-return valves, one flash back arrestors, pressure gauge and manual isolation valves.

Filling Manifold

Instrument Air Compressor::

A flameproof motor with a buffer tank drives the instrument air compressor

Acetone Pump: Electrical:

It is a geared motor pump coupled with motor by love-joy coupling. The pump has two parts mainly suction port and the discharge port. The suction port is provided with extended pipe and foot value to reach the bottom of the acetone drum. Acetone pump is supplied along with the plant for charging acetone in cylinders.

Level Controls:

Level controller maintaining a particular level in the generator. If the level is above normal, water can enter the carbide hop.

Level Alarm:

The pressure inside the acetylene generator is controlled by a meteoroid switch.

Pressure Alarm:

This is the important part for the safety of this plant. A pressure switch is connected to the alarm system.

Scale Cylinder Weight:

Includes stand for simplifying acetone additions and weighing cylinders.

Drain Back Manifolds:

Safely recovers the acetylene gas from problems cylinders.

Acetylene gas line:

We shall also provide with a complete set of acetylene gas line for low and high pressure piping with complete fitting M.S. seamless schedule 40 for high pressure line galvanized Iron "C" class heavy duty pipes for low pressure.

Carbide Bucket:

M.S. Container to charge calcium carbide into Hoppers.

Distribution Panel:

All Electrical Connections suitable for supply of Voltage 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 HZ, AC supply.

LP Drier And HP Drier AND Flame Arrestor

Technical Specification

S. No. Description Ba - 25 Ba - 50 Ba - 100
1 Capacity (acetylene with purity as per IS-30B) Cubic Meter per hour 25 50 100
2 Process water required (liters/kg of calcium carbide processed) 8-10 8-10 8-10
3 Calcium carbide required (kg/N.cubic meter of gas) 4 4 4
4 Calcium chloride required (gms/N.cubic meter of gas) 50 50 50
5 Cooling water make-up required (liters/N.cubic meter of gas) 10 10 10
6 Power required (average requirement) 12kw 15kw 28kw
7 Purifying mass required (gas plus acid absorption mix per cum of gas) 15 gms/N.Cum + 4 gms 15 gms/N.Cum + 4 gms 15 gms/N.Cum + 4 gms
8 Instrument/Process air 70 liters/minute 70 liters/minute 70 liters/minute
9 Acetone As required As required As required
10 Hydraulic oil required (for screw feed system) Equivalent to SAE - 30 Equivalent to SAE - 30 Equivalent to SAE - 30
11 Lubricating oil required (for compressor) Hylube HDX-40 Hylube HDX-40 Hylube HDX-40
12 Power Supply 440 Volts/3 phase/50 hertz 440 Volts/3 phase/50 hertz 440 Volts/3 phase/50 hertz

Equipment Schedule

S. No. Description
1 Carbide Hopper
2 Gas lines
3 Acetylene generator
4 Condenser
5 L.p. Dryer
6 Automatic screw feed
7 Purifier
8 Agitator
9 Ammonia scrubber
10 Temperature controller
11 Acetylene compressor
12 Pressure controller
13 H.p. Dryer
14 Level controller
15 Cylinder filling manifold
16 Slurry disch arge control
17 Acetone pump
18 High temperature alarm
19 Flame proof motors
20 One charge of chemicals


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